It is used as a flux in making steel, in the manufacture of white and coloured opalescent glass, in enameling cooking utensils,
for the preparation of Hydrofluoric acid and elemental fluorine and also ornamental use, The main fluorite (CaF2) Deposits are
found in the Dilband range, Mula
-Zahri range, and Lorolai ranges of Balochistan. Fluorite has many colors such as pink, Blue, Light – Grey, Green
and light-yellow. chemical analysis shows CaF2 varies from 78-95.40%, CaCO3 from 3.20-3.40% and SiO2 from 1.40-1.44%.
average weight% concentration of Ca is 49%, F is 45%, S102 is 2.30%, CuO is 0.5%, A/203 is 2%, Fe203 is 0.08% and LOI is
1.47%, This type of Fluorite can be used for acid preparation and also as gems stones. Mining of fluorite is in progress
in the Mekhtar (Balao, Inde,Sande and Zhizhghi), Tor Thana and Zarah areas. Fluorite is also reported near Mirgasht and
Yarkhun in Chitral (Karakoram Block), Chakdara (Dir; Himalayan crystalline zone) and Bichoha Kurds near Sherwan ( Hazara)
Khyber- Hazara, Pakistan has explored 2.0 million tons reserves in these areas and producing more than 900 tons annually
good quality Fluorite.

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