Manganese ores are found in Lasbela. Kharan, Chagai and Zhob Districts in
Balochistan. The host rocks of manganese deposits in the Lasbela and
Chagai district are found as veins cutting limestone beds and basalts
of Cretaceous age. These occurrences are reported from Ras Koh (Charkohan area)
Siah Koh and Sotkinoh in Chagai District of Balochistan. The manganese
deposits are also repoted from Zhob district occur in altered siliceous limestone
associated with pillow lava of Cretaceous age. The manganese localities in Zhob
district of Balochistan are at Naweoba and Warsak Killi area. Present of
estiate of available ore, in the country, is over 6,000 million tones.

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