Rock Phosphate

The main use of Rock Phosphate is in agriculture as fertilizer. The Solubility of phosphate in seawater increases with
decreasing PH and temperature and for this reason concentrated in deep cold water. Black Bituminous shale, chert, and
other siliceous rock are the best host of phosphate. Hazara area is well known for phosphate deposits which have opened
new vistas for the fertilizer industry to use indigenous phosphate rock. The main deposits Abbottabad Formation and
Precambrian occur in the Cambrian Hazara Formation, northeast of Abbottabad, along the western flank of Hazara Kashmir
syntaxes, The Hazara deposits cover an area of 155 sq.KM The phosphorites are of pellet type and commonly contain cellophane,
dahlia, francolite, glaucophane, dolomite, iron oxide, and pyrite in various proportions. The deposits show two lithological
types like cherty phosphorite of the Abbottabad Formation and silty calcareous phosphorite of the Hazara Formation The main
areas Known to have phosphate are Kakue-de-Band and Lagarban, Dalola, Soban, Gali, Paswal Main, and Banseri Pakistan have
more than 20.0 million ton P0, 14-40%. And is produce more than 0.07 million tons of good-quality phosphate.

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