It is used for the manufacture of crucibles, stove polish, foundry facings, lead pencil, paint, lubricants and electrodes.
In Pakistan, it occurs in Chalt, Chhelish, Bola Das and Mohriwal Baikh of Gilgit area, Stak-Pondu Shigar Nala Baltistan,
Chota Kazi Nag mountain northern slope of Jhelum River. It is also found in Shah Salin, Momi village, Muzhigram gol and
Barzin valley of Chitral state; Norang and Babusar pass, Sherwan, Haripur and Garhi Habib Ullah of Hazara district, Spar
Tor, Shahidmena and Lowaramena of Khyber Agency, Majk to Kundi and Dheri village in Mardan and Agra in Malakand. It is
also found in Jurassic Shirinab limestone in Sheikh Wasil area and also northwest of Quetta located in Mashelakh Range.
In these areas, good quality and quantity graphite is persent

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